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Requested 20 Total Applications Received 15 General Applications Received 5 Grassroots Applications Received $7,637,067.68 Requested for 2019 Community Investment
Approved 10 Approved for Community Investment $2,521,125.73 Amount Approved for General Projects + $131,161.67 of Added Surplus $38,740.00 Amount Approved for Grassroots Projects $2,691,027.40  Approved for 2019 Community Investment


*Please Note: Un-utilized funds from the 2018 year have been re-distributed to three of the 2019 Recipients. These amounts have been highlighted with the use of plus (+) and equal (=) symbols to show the addition.

Organization: Six Nations Community Food Bank
Project: Funding to help construct a building to house the foodbank.
Project Summary: Construction funds to build a new food bank facility on Cao Lane in the village, complete with a storage facility, food service area, small garage and office space.
*Approved Investment: $259,450.73 + $67,161.67 =$326,612.40

Organization: Six Nations Fire & Emergency Services
Project: Purchase a Water Tanker Truck to service outlying areas of the Community
Project Summary: Replace a 27-Year old tanker truck that has come to the end of it’s front line service life. Tanker trucks transport water to areas of Six Nations that are not currently on the waterline.
Approved Investment: $455,000

Organization: Six Nations Health Services
Project: Funding to renovate the White Pines Wellness Centre Kitchen & Gathering Space.
Project Summary: Funding to renovate the White Pines Wellness Centre Kitchen & Gathering Space allowing for in-house programming on healthy eating and food security to be delivered to the community.
*Approved Investment: $346,675 + $30,000 = $376,675

Organization: Six Nations Language Commission
Project: Funding to deliver Year One and Two Language Programs
Project Summary: Assist with the on-going goal to create a critical mass of speakers in the three language programs currently offered by the Language Commission. Funding will assist with the program delivery for Year One and Year two courses.
*Approved Investment: $100,000 + $34,000 = $134,000

Organization: Six Nations Parks & Recreation
Project: Construction of a Concession Booth, Washrooms & Storage Facility to service the Six Nations Ball Diamonds.
Project Summary: Construction of a Concession Booth, Washrooms & Storage Facility to service the Six Nations Ball Diamonds. The old concession booth will be removed and replaced with the new facility.
Approved Investment: $600,000

Organization: Six Nations Public Works
Project: Watermain Expansion- Phase Two: Technical Drawings
Project Summary: Phase Two technical drawings to expand the waterline between the roads of Mohawk & Cayuga from Third Line to Sixth Line. These plans will include an additional 17 concessions (614 households) and will identify infrastructure needed to maintain waterline pressure south of Third Line in preparation for the Phase 3 expansion.
Approved Investment: $760,000

Organization: Friends of Stump Hall
Project: Replacing Fencing Around Cemetery
Project Summary: To replace the old, unsightly fencing around the cemetery to prevent people driving onto cemetery grounds and dumping garbage. This fence will give community members a visually appealing element when they enter the grounds to visit the graves of their loved ones.
Approved Investment: $10,000

Organization: Grand River Pow Wow Committee
Project: Fencing to be installed along the banks of the Grand River
Project Summary: Money for rental, installation, and removal of fencing which will be installed along the river to ensure public safety during the Pow Wow.
Approved Investment: $3,840

Organization: Six Nations Minor Hockey
Project: Equipment Upgrades & Ice Time
Project Summary: Funding will be used to purchase equipment, ice times, and buy an ice divider as per new Hockey Canada regulations, to help reduce the overall cost to minor teams.
Approved Investment: $15,000

Organization: Two Row on the Grand
Project: Community Member registration fees & honourariums for Cultural Teachings at the 1613 Two Row Treaty Commemoration.
Project Summary: First Nations and allies dedicated to paddle along the Grand from Cambridge to Port Maitland. Together native and non-native peoples will work together to commemorate the original intent of the 1613 Two Row Treaty. The group will participate in community building, events, and cultural teachings as they paddle and camp along the Grand.
Approved Investment: $9,900