Mandate: To provide oversight of SNGRDC’s Board of Directors and Economic Development Trust. This includes ensuring each entity is acting in a socially responsible manner which preserves Six Nations’ cultural integrity and operates in line with the values and long-term plan of the community.

  • Meet annually with the SNGRDC’s Board of Directors and Economic Development Trust to review their annual reports which will include audited financial statements
  • Make regular reports to the SNGRDC Shareholder
  • Determine annual revenue distribution (how much will be transferred to the Economic Development Trust for community distribution and how much will be used by the Board of Directors to be reinvested into future projects)
  • Regular quarterly meetings or more frequently if required
  • Receive and review annual written report from the Board of Directors and Economic Development Trust


Advisory Charter

Six Nations Community Plan

(Statement of) Community Priorities

ToR Communications Committee

Guiding Principles



Term Expiring 2018 (Advisory Committee Chair)

Hilary is Cayuga, Wolf Clan from Six Nations. She is happily married to Scott Visheau and is a proud mother of 3 boys aged 5, 8 and 14. Hilary focuses her time and life around her family. Everything she does, she does with them in mind. This is why helping the Six Nations Community prosper economically is so important to her and why she volunteered to sit on the Advisory Committee. Hilary wants her sons to take pride in their community and, with any luck, be able to find valuable employment opportunities close to home and close to their mom.

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Hilary has an undergraduate degree in Sociology from McMaster University and a Law degree from the University of British Columbia where she focused her studies on Aboriginal law and criminal law. Upon graduation, Hilary clerked at the Federal Court of Appeal under Justice Karen Sharlow. After completing her articling and being called to the Bar, Hilary was employed in private practice in the areas of criminal and family law. In 2004, she left the practice and began working for the Department of Justice where she continues to practice Real Estate and Commercial Law.


Term Expiring 2018


Term Expiring 2018

Graeme is Cayuga, Wolf Clan from Six Nations. He still lives on Six Nations where him and his wife are raising their family. Graeme graduated from the Civil Engineering Technician course at Mohawk College where he worked in the land surveying industry for many years until he took further education to enhance his career. After taking various university level classes, Graeme worked as the Survey Project Manager at the National Aboriginal Lands Managers Association.

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Graeme’s primary professional focus has been to increase the capacity of the people of Six Nations, while also improving the relationships they have with mainstream society. Once of the most remarkable lessons Graeme carries through his life, is how well our people can simultaneously look toward the future and learn from lessons of the past. From his experience working on and off reserve, in the private and public sectors at both the local and national levels, Graeme has developed a true grasp on continuous lifelong learning. He knows that education never stops and can come from several means of teachings whether they are formal or informal. He hopes to pass this onto his grandchildren and have them appreciate it as much as he does.


Term Expiring 2017

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