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The Six Nations Community Plan is a “living document” that reflects the values, vision and direction of the community in order to guide development towards a positive future. The success of a community plan is highly dependent on the inclusion of all voices within the community. The current Community Plan has been organized into seven interdependent priorities.

  • Mother Earth
  • Built Environment
  • Employment & Education
  • Economic Development
  • Community
  • Well-Being
  • Arts & Culture

The Community Plan can be used to organize priorities, empower each other, and mobilize resources to reach collective community goals for our future generations. The key stakeholders in any Community Plan include:

  • Community Members Can determine career/volunteer path based on future needs of the community; monitor the growth and development of the community
  • Grassroots Organizations Strengthen advocacy and action on community identified priorities
  • Departments/Organizations Align strategic operating plans with community goals
  • Governance Coordinate actions towards vision voiced by the Community


The Six Nations Community Plan was initially completed in 2010 and built from the voices of the community. The time has come to provide insight on the current state of the projects, priorities, and goals originally identified, as well as update the plan to include new initiatives and needs. This will ensure the Community Plan is reflective of the collective Six Nations community and clearly map out a path to the future. The Community Plan team will be completing this update in two phases as outlined below:

Goal: To provide a progress report of the existing Community Plan and build healthy working relationships with various community stakeholders.


  • Bring existing plan up to speed with projects and programs, integrating data from past community plan updates
  • Reach out to departments and organizations to coordinate meetings to provide status on projects and programs
  • Explore different format/structure options for a workable interim Community Plan
  • Encourage Community-wide use of the Community Plan

To view the Six Nations Community Plan Progress Update please click here.

Goal: To develop a comprehensive Community Plan update that reflects the community vision, develops a sustainable planning process and fosters long-lasting working relationships.


The Community Plan Team will undertake an objective engagement approach of asking:

  • Where do we want to go? (Visioning)- taking each Community Plan category and developing concise community-led vision, values and goals
  • How do we get there? (Implementation Planning)- discussions on the projects, activities and outcomes that are required to meet the goals identified for each category
  • The engagement strategy places community input at the centre of the process. We will be present at events and other activities throughout the community groups (including families) to host us to facilitate Community Plan discussions. Departments and organizations can host collaborative sessions where we can discuss vision and values within the framework of community priorities.

The information gathered through this engagement process will inform the comprehensive Community Plan update in the form of a community vision and specific actions needed to achieve community goals.

Keep an eye on this page for upcoming engagement events or send an email and we can discuss how we can work together on the Community Plan.



Community Engagement Facilitators
519-753-1950 ext 6036
Chiefswood Rd. Ohsweken, ON N0A 1M0

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