The Six Nations of the Grand River Economic Development Trust (EDT) is an application based, community investment trust available to groups who address community priorities within Six Nations. The EDT is the mechanism, in which surplus profits generated by the Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation (SNGRDC), are invested into the Six Nations community for the collective benefit of its members. This model of community investment was a direct result of the 2011 community engagement study, “We Gather Our Voices.”

EDT Trustees are responsible for reviewing, scoring and prioritizing applications for community investment. Trustees consist of Rachel Martin (Chair), Cathy General, Jill Hill, Julie Hill, and Shirley Squire.

In 2017, the EDT will invest $1.5 million into the Six Nations Community. Applications will be released on Monday, March 6, 2017 with a deadline of April 20, 2017 by 4 pm. Another Call for Applications is set to be released in August 2017 for projects taking place in 2018.

Click Here for the 2017 Shortlist Presentation Schedule 


In 2016, after 3 public calls for applications, an Interim Board of Trustees was appointed with a specific mandate to develop a process to invest the Economic Development Trust community investment funds.

The Interim Trust was compromised of Jill Hill, Amy Lickers, Dr. Sabrina Saunders, and Claudine VanEvery-Albert. The Interim Trust began work in March 2016 and had approximately 8 weeks to complete its mandate.

The first ever, EDT application was released on June 6, 2016 with a deadline of July 5, 2016. In the inaugural year,   the EDT received 46 applications with a total request of over $8.8 million. A total of 31 applications were approved with a total community investment of $3,537,257.95. 

Click Here to view the 2016 Community Investment Recipients List.