Last month, the A6N hydro vac duo of Art Powless and Chris Henhawk, were out of town staying at a campsite while working on the Windsor Line Project. While the two of them were relaxing around the campfire, they were alerted that the security guard was unconscious at the security shack. Without hesitation, Art and Chris made their way to the security guard and started doing CPR for about 25 minutes until the ambulance arrived.

Art and Chris felt as though their reaction and ability to offer support in this emergency situation came from training received from A6N. Although the security guard unfortunately did not survive, the situation was handled as best as it could have been and our two team members did everything to support a very challenging situation.

Thank you, Art and Chris, for utilizing your safety training, even in a personal setting, to help someone in a tragic scenario.


A6N is a Joint Venture between Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation (51% ownership) and Aecon Group Inc. (49% ownership). The company performs utility related work in southwestern Ontario, specifically within the Haldimand Tract; an area of historical significance to the people of Six Nations. A6N currently provides employment to 85 First Nations workers.”