Six Nations, January 19, 2023 – Six Nations of the Grand River Elected Council (Elected Council) and Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation (SNGRDC) have reached an agreement on a re-model of SNGRDC. The re-model has been centred on establishing an enhanced relationship between the groups which will better serve the Six Nations Community.

One primary goal is to find efficiencies to enable SNGRDC to achieve its long-term goal of pursuing economic self-sufficiency for the Six Nations Community. The enhanced structure will consist of three main areas; a new long-term funding agreement; divestiture of properties; and an amalgamated governance model of SNGRDC.

15-Year Funding Agreement

Under the new model, the Elected Council will receive a minimum annual funding commitment from the Economic Development Trust (EDT) for the next 15 years.  The annual commitment is 40% of SNGRDC’s net cash flow which is, on average, an equivalent amount to the allocations the Elected Council departments were approved via the existing EDT process.

This will allow the Elected Council and its departments to plan for the long-term needs of the community. Eliminating the EDT application requirement for the Elected Council saves resources and time of both the Elected Council and the EDT which produces direct financial savings.

The funding agreement, which has not yet been developed, will provide parameters in which the Elected Council can utilize the funds. Funding must be directly tied to a community need as outlined in the 2019 Community Plan. The Elected Council will be subject to reporting and disclosures, keeping in line with the current EDT funding agreements. As part of the auditing process, the EDT will produce an annual report detailing where the funds were directed.

Going forward, the Elected Council will no longer be eligible to apply for EDT funding. This will enable the EDT to streamline their focus towards other general applicants and grassroots level initiatives.

As of December 2022, the Economic Development Trust (EDT) has re-invested just over $16.6M into the community, of which, Elected Council departments have received $12.4M. Details on how these funds were allocated can be found at


When SNGRDC separated from Elected Council in 2015, all the properties and operations that fell under the Economic Development department were transferred to SNGRDC. SNGRDC entered into an arrangement to manage these properties and operations on behalf of the Elected Council.

Certain properties under management cannot be developed due to political factors which are beyond the control of SNGRDC. As such, below is a list of properties that will be transitioned back to the Elected Council:

  • Oneida Business Park – undeveloped lands (current building will continue to be managed by SNGRDC)
  • 431 West Street, Brantford
  • Former School #5 & Former School # 7
  • Port Maitland property
  • A6N Yard (former Martin Bus Property); A6N is re-locating to the Oneida Business Park
  • Old Internet towers – Mohawk Road, Chiefswood Road and Cayuga Road

In addition to above, Six Nations Tourism – including the Her Majesty’s Royal Chapel of the Mohawks and Chiefswood National Historic Site, will transition to the Elected Council. This transition will allow for greater funding opportunities through grants which are not currently available to Six Nations Tourism as a subsidiary of SNGRDC. Six Nations Tourism will remain located in Chiefswood Park and continue to collaborate closely with SNGRDC on tourism related offerings.

Amalgamated SNGRDC Governance Model

The amalgamation will consist of shifting from three governing boards, consisting of 15 different board members, to one consolidated board comprised of 9 members. This new model will see new committees developed to oversee the current functions of the Advisory Committee and Board of Trustees. Consolidating the current model into one board will result in cost savings.

After seven years of success under the current model, the Elected Council and SNGRDC are excited to launch this new model which is designed to provide better value to the Six Nations community.

SNGRDC and the Elected Council will continue meeting with the working committee to plan the launch of the new model, which is estimated to be in April 2023. More information will be provided to the community as it becomes available.


“We have been working closely with the Elected Council to ensure this new governance model is beneficial for not only our two entities, but ultimately for the community we serve. This collaboration has been an exciting venture and we have seen tremendous excitement from both teams. We are committed to upholding our values of accountability and transparency while we move through this process together.” Matt Jamieson, President/CEO, SNGRDC.

“We have always maintained a productive working relationship with the Development Corporation, and I am pleased to see that continue under this new agreement. This re-model will streamline the activity of both organizations, and we are excited to move forward together to better serve the Six Nations community.” Elected Chief Mark Hill, Elected Council.


About Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation: 

Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation (SNGRDC) manages the Six Nations’ economic interests in 20 renewable energy projects and numerous economic development opportunities, in and around the Six Nations territory. SNGRDC’s current green energy portfolio is capable of producing over 1300 MW of renewable energy through its direct or indirect involvement in seven solar, 13 wind project(s). SNGRDC is located on the Six Nations Reserve and employs an average of 140 employees through Nation Enterprise or the administration of Economic Interests projects. For more information, please visit


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About Six Nations of the Grand River Elected Council (SNGREC):

Comprised of nine Councillors and one Elected Chief, Six Nations of the Grand River Elected Council is the political governing body of the Six Nations of the Grand River territory. Six Nations is the only First Nation community that includes all six Haudenosaunee nations and is the most populous First Nation community in the country. SNGR includes the Elected Chief and Council as well as eleven departments that provide administrative services to the community. For more information, please visit


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About the Economic Development Trust

The Economic Development Trust (EDT) is the mechanism in which surplus profits generated by Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation (SNGRDC) are invested into the Six Nations Community for the collective benefit of its members. This model of distribution was a direct result of the 2011 community engagement study “We Gather Our Voices”. The EDT will continue to invest in the Six Nations Community in future years through yearly distributions made possible by SNGRDC. Economic Development Trustees include Alaina VanEvery (Chair), Andrew Joseph, Myka Burning, Hilary Visheau and Reva Bomberry. For more information visit

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