February 10, 2023 – Six Nations – The Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation (“SNGRDC”) and Six Nations of the Grand River (“SNGR”) are pleased to announce the Oneida Energy Storage Project (“the Project”) has received an Order-in-Council and Ministerial Directive from the Government of Ontario. Today’s announcement is a significant step in advancing the Project, which is the result of a meaningful partnership between SNGRDC, NRStor Inc. (“NRStor”), Northland Power, and Aecon Group Inc. (“Aecon”).

The Project, which is the largest of its kind in Canada, consists of large-scale lithium batteries that store surplus renewable energy during off-peak times and release that energy back into the power grid during times of peak demand. This sustainable approach will benefit Six Nations and Ontario ratepayers by reducing reliance on gas-fired power plants and the cost associated with them. By enhancing the functionality and efficiency of the energy grid, this project will result in 4.1 million tonnes of greenhouse gas reductions in Ontario.

As 50:50 development partners, SNGRDC and NRStor facilitated the Six Nations Community Investment Review Process prior to the start of the development of the Project to ensure that the values of the Six Nations community were upheld during development.

Additionally, Natural Resources Canada has committed $50 million in funding from the Smart Renewables and Electrification Pathways programs, recognizing that the Oneida Energy Storage Project will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by enabling increased renewable energy capacity and providing essential grid services. This Project is a further step towards Canada’s ongoing goal of transitioning to a net-zero economy by 2050 and achieving a 100-percent net zero-emitting electricity system by 2035.

The Canada Infrastructure Bank has also played a key role in supporting project development and is collaborating with the Oneida Energy Storage Project on an investment agreement.

SNGRDC continues to provide efficient renewable energy solutions and actively seeks out innovative partnerships such as this one with NRStor, Northland Power, and Aecon. In turn, these partnerships directly benefit Six Nations by providing employment and generating surplus revenue to be invested back into the community.

Many of the construction elements of the energy storage facility will be undertaken by A6N Utilities, a joint venture between SNGRDC and Aecon, which operates with a 95% Indigenous workforce.

In attendance for the announcement to speak to the benefits of the Project; Premier Doug Ford; Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland; Ontario Minister of Energy Todd Smith; SNGR Elected Chief Mark Hill; Matt Jamieson, President & CEO of SNGRDC; Annette Verschuren, Chair & CEO of NRStor; and Mike Crawley, President & CEO of Northland Power.


Matt Jamieson, President & CEO, Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation

I am thrilled that we are here, seeing the efforts of this long-awaited project come together for the betterment of our people and our environment. I am proud of the work our team has done to bring about such a large-scale project. The local education and employment opportunities this will generate for our community will be an incredible opportunity for so many.

Mark B. Hill, Elected Chief, Six Nations of the Grand River

We are pleased to see this project move ahead with the support of the Ontario government. Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation’s involvement in The Oneida Energy Storage Project signals the importance of Indigenous participation in clean energy initiatives as we continue to combat climate change. This project will generate employment opportunities and significant revenue for our community, and we look forward to its completion.


 About Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation:

Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation (SNGRDC) manages the Six Nations’ economic interests in 20 renewable energy projects and numerous economic development opportunities, in and around the Six Nations territory. SNGRDC’s current green energy portfolio is capable of producing over 1300 MW of renewable energy through its direct or indirect involvement in seven solar, 13 wind project(s). SNGRDC is located on the Six Nations Reserve and employs an average of 140 employees through Nation Enterprise or the administration of Economic Interests projects. For more information, please visit www.sndevcorp.ca

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