The Six Nations of The Grand River Development Corporation (SNGRDC) is conducting a Feasibility Study to potentially develop high-density residential housing on 431 West Street in the City of Brantford, Ontario.

The land is currently vacant and owned by the Six Nations of the Grand River. The preliminary plans contemplate the potential to develop approximately 490 rental suites.

As part of preliminary due diligence, SNGRDC initiated a comprehensive Feasibility Study, including archeological, geotechnical, and environmental assessments. The studies were carried out between April and August 2023 and unearthed essential insights.

The environmental assessment noted that a portion of the property exceeded the acceptable standard for the presence of lead in the soil. Remediation of the lead-affected area will involve excavating up to 250 tonnes of soil and transporting the soil to an accredited, licensed disposal facility not located on the Six Nations territory. Six Nations of the Grand River Elected Council (SNGREC) have approved a plan to remediate the land.

It is projected that less than 20 trees will need to be removed during the soil remediation process. To ensure environmental balance and ecological sustainability, SNGRDC is committed to replacing each tree with a 10:1 ratio at a suitable location as approved by the SNGREC.

Following a successful soil remediation, SNGRDC will progress towards the next steps in making a final recommendation to the SNGREC should the development be deemed viable. This includes soliciting input from Branford City Council, identifying a reputable construction firm for the design and construction of the housing complex, and securing funding.

SNGRDC remains steadfast in its commitment to nurturing projects that enhance the quality of life for the Six Nations community and contribute to its growth and prosperity.

Press Release_Feasibility Study Aug 22 2023 (final)