The Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation Governance Group (SNGRDC Governance Group) is comprised of three governing boards: The Advisory Committee (AC), Board of Directors (BOD), and Board of Trustees (BOT). The three boards were formed to ensure transparency and accountability to the Six Nations Community. The structure of this group is based on community recommendations made during the 5 month community engagement in 2011 entitled Tewawennaro:roks “We Gather Our Voices”. 

To learn more about SNGRDC’s Governance Structure, or each individual board, visit our Governance Overview section of our website by clicking here. 

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The SNGRDC Governance Group is looking for interested applicants who want to make a difference in the Six Nations Community. All SNGRDC Group Members are required to be a registered Six Nations Band member.

Click below to apply online today, or email your interested intent to [email protected] with the subject line BOARD RECRUITMENT. We will keep your resume and cover letter on file and invite you to apply to future opportunities.



Advisory Committee (AC) Roles & Responsibilities

Role: To provide oversight of SNGRDC’s Board of Directors and Economic Development Trust. This includes ensuring each entity is acting in a socially responsible manner which preserves Six Nations cultural integrity and operates in line with the values and long-term plan of the community.

Responsibilities: Protect interests and pursue economic development opportunities for Six Nations in a socially responsible manner, Oversee the Board of Directors, and the Economic Development Trust, Determine the annual distribution to the EDT for community investment and the annual re-investment amount retained by the Board of Directors for investing into future projects

Board of Directors (BOD) Roles & Responsibilities

Role: To oversee all business activities and opportunities of the SNGRDC, including the supervision of the President/CEO in adherence to the Guiding Principles and approved policies.

Responsibilities: Ensure all departments operate within the guidelines set out in the Statement of Economic Development Principles and the Statement of Community Needs and Priorities established by the Advisory Committee, Supervise the management of SNGRDC investments and assets, Report to the Advisory Committee on SNGRDC’s investments, annual business plans and the results of all operations

Board of Trustees (BOT) Roles & Responsibilities

Role: To determine how funds received from the businesses operated and managed by the SNGRDC will be distributed for the collective betterment of the Six Nations Community via an applicants-based process.

Responsibilities: Receive and score all completed Economic Development Trust applications, Determine the EDT guidelines for community investment, Determine how EDT funds will be distributed into the community in accordance with the Statement of Community Needs and Priorities and the Statement of Economic Development Trust Guidelines


To be considered eligible for any SNGRDC Governance Group Opportunity, applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Registered band member of Six Nations of the Grand River
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Not an elected official of Six Nations Elected Council nor an employee of the Six Nations Economic Development Department
  • No direct or indirect conflict of interest
  • Not bankrupt (successful candidates will need to provide proof)
  • Satisfactory results of background checks, including from the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC).
  • Socially responsible and knowledgeable about the Six Nations community, its culture and its needs and priorities
  • High ethical standards, integrity and reliability in professional and personal dealings. Of sound mind and good character
  • Ability to strategically plan for and prioritize the needs of the present and future generations of the Six Nations community