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“A healthy community for today and the faces yet to come” 

Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation (SNGRDC) was launched in May 2015 with the mission to achieve economic self-sufficiency without compromising the values of the Six Nations people.

The purpose of SNGRDC is to generate income, outside of the federal funding, to tackle community priorities that affect the Six Nations Community as a whole. This includes improving social conditions, aiding in infrastructure development and creating a healthy & sustainable environment for individuals, families and businesses to thrive.

SNGRDC is governed by a Board of Directors composed of nine members. Visit our Corporate Structure for more information.

SNGRDC manages Six Nations’ economic interest for a number of renewable energy projects and economic development opportunities on and around the Six Nations territory. Visit our Portfolio for more information. To learn more about SNGRDC click here to view our Corporate Profile Book.


The Six Nations Elected Council (SNEC) began pursuing economic development initiatives in 1979. In 2010, Economic Development was given the go ahead by Six Nation Elected Council to examine the creation of a Development Corporation for Six Nations. The primary driver to create a development corporation was to separate business from politics.

In March 2011, the Six Nations Elected Council signaled their willingness to enter into a new understanding of success in the world of economic development. This new understanding includes the acknowledgement and necessity for direct community participation in economic development and in particular, the potential establishment of a development corporation. The Economic Development department of the Six Nations Elected Council was given the authority to operate an “arm’s length” community engagement project, known as Tewawennaró:roks – “We Gather Our Voices.”

The Tewawennaró:roks – “We Gather Our Voices” project ran from May to October 2011 with a final report completed in December 2011.

After years of continued analysis, research and planning, Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation (SNGRDC) was launched in May 2015.

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March 2016

Economic Development Trustees are officially installed.

May 2015

Advisory Committee and Board of Directors are officially installed.

Staff from Ec Dev administration, tourism, bingo, maintenance, community planning are officially Six Nations of the Grand River Development employees. The Department of Economic Development under the Six Nations Elected Council ceases to exist.

April 2015

Interim Board selects Advisory Committee and Board of Directors. There weren’t enough applicants for the Board of Trustee, and will be reposted by the final Advisory Committee.

March 2015

Six Nations of the Grand River Human Resources Policy is approved by the interim board.

January 2015

Staff of the Six Nations Economic Development Department are issued Letters of Notice of new employer, The Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation. All staff are offered the same positions under the Development Corporation, with the exception of the Director of Economic Development (title changed to President/CEO), the Economic Development Administrator (title changed to Director of Operations) and the Community Planner (title changed to Director of Planning). All staff wages remain the same.

Call for Advisory, Board of Directors and Board of Trustees opens

June 2014

Approval of Interim Board with the mandate of: prepare and approve the Terms of Reference, Bylaws, committees, compensation structure and eligibility of Economic Development Group (Advisory, Board of Directs and Board of Trustees), approve policy and procedures for development corporation staff, oversee the transition of economic development staff and select members for the Group.

October 2013

Instruct Legal Counsel to Carry Out Phase 1 which includes; establishing the Economic Development Corporation and Trust, Prepare the Terms of Reference for the Advisory Committee, Board of Directors and Board of Trustees, and obtain Advanced Tax Ruling from Canada Revenue Agency.

Name: Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation approved.

May 2013

Six Nations Elected Council forms the Dev Corp Ad Hoc Committee to pursue Develop Corporation.

January 2012


March 2011

We Gather Our Voices – Community Engagement Project

June 2010

Six Nations Elected Council directs Economic Development to examine developing a new Development Corporation for Six Nations