Mandate: To oversee the business activities of Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation according to the Guiding Principles and approved policies, and to ensure transparency and accountability to the Six Nations community.

Janis Monture
Janis MontureBoard Chair
Term expiring 2028
Philip Johnson
Philip JohnsonBoard Member
Term expiring 2027
Justin Porter
Justin PorterBoard Member
Term expiring 2027
Rachel Martin
Rachel MartinBoard Member
Term expiring 2028
Alaina VanEvery
Alaina VanEveryBoard Member
Term expiring 2027
Andrew Joseph
Andrew JosephBoard Member
Term expiring 2027
Erica Martisius
Erica MartisiusBoard Member
Term expiring 2028
Audrey Hill
Audrey HillBoard Member
Term expiring 2028
Myka Burning
Myka BurningBoard Member
Term expiring 2028


Within the Board of Directors, there are five sub-committees made up of Board Members that oversee different functions of the Board, including the Economic Development Trust, Governance, Finances, and Board Development.

Economic Development Trust Committee

Chair: Rachel Martin
Members: Andrew Joseph, Justin Porter, Myka Burning

Governance Committee

Chair: Phillip Johnson
Members: Erica Martisius, Andrew Joseph, Audrey Hill

Audit Committee

Chair: Alaina VanEvery
Members: Audrey Hill, Erica Martisius, Myka Burning

Finance/Investment Committee

Chair: Justin Porter
Members: Phillip Johnson, Alaina VanEvery, Rachel Martin

Board Development Committee

Chair: Andrew Joseph
Members: Janis Monture, Alaina VanEvery