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Erica Martisius was born in Brantford to Graham Edward and Alice Monture Edward. She is the granddaughter of Wilbur Monture and Ethel Brant Monture, late of Six Nations. She is a proud descendant of Joseph Brant, and is Wolf Clan of the Mohawk Nation. Erica completed her undergrad degree in French at the University of Guelph. After graduating, she went on the managerial training in the retail sector, becoming a manager of three departments in a large retail company in Toronto. She returned to Brantford to attend Ontario Teacher Education College in Hamilton and was hired as a teacher by the Brant County Board of Education. She worked thirty seven years for the board, and along the way earned her Masters of Education degree and her principal qualifications from Brock University.

Erica is married to Vic Martisius and is the mother of three adult children. Since moving back to Brantford, she has been active with mostly leisure organizations in the city. She has maintained her familial ties with her people at Six Nations. Erica is happy to now be involved with the Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation Governance Group, mindful that as former Chief Ava Hill once said, “the economic issues faced by the Haudenosaunee are long standing problems which need immediate attention”. It is Erica’s hope that she will play a small part in addressing this need.