Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation’s (SNGRDC) Community Collaborators Covid Support Program engages SNGRDC business partners to support local initiatives, directly assisting those who have been greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. These initiatives are an excellent opportunity to showcase SNGRDC partnerships to the Six Nations Community in a meaningful and impactful manner. You can become involved in the program by participating in one of three tiers. If you are interested in becoming apart of the SNGRDC Community Collaborator Covid Support Program please contact:
Alysha Filer, Communications Coordinator
[email protected]

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As Covid-19 persists, the Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation (SNGRDC) will continue with the Community Collaborator Covid Support Program. We are focused on helping our community during these unprecedented times. These initiatives are aimed at helping those in the community who have been most greatly affected by the pandemic. Partners who participate in the Community Collaborator (CC) Program will be recognized as a supporter of ALL the initiatives.

The 2021 Community Collaborator Covid Support Initiatives include:
National Indigenous People Day, Food Bank Donation, Winter Care Packages and Six Nations Water Access Program (Bonus Event). 

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National Indigenous
Peoples Day

Date: June 21, 2021
Location: Six Nations Tourism Building

SNGRDC will be supporting our community through a local initiative supplying local artisan gifts to the community. In the past, this day has been celebrated with public gatherings and festivities. Due to the uncertainty we face through Covid-19, SNGRDC will be gifting locally sourced stained glass feathers, an initiative which aligns with Haudenosaunee culture and values. We are excited to support a local artisan and bring a piece of culture to the community during these trying times.

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CC Food Bank Icon

Food Bank

Date: September 2021
Time: TBD
Location: Six Nations Community Food Bank

SNGRDC will be helping to replenish the Six Nations Community’s Food Bank stock after the increase in usage due to Covid-19. The Six Nations Food Bank provides food to approximately 230 community members per week. With the current pandemic, the food bank visitors have increased by 43% per week.

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CC Winter Packages Icon

Six Nations
Winter Care Packages 

Date: November 2021
Time: 9am-4pm Delivery Drop Off
Location: Various Community Organizations

Six Nations has various organizations that work to support the Six Nations Community such as the Elders Lodge, Six Nations Youth Centre, and the Family Assault Centre. Community Members using these locations can often feel isolated and lonely during the holidays. SNGRDC is looking to spread the holiday cheer and support our elders who haven’t been able to visit with friends and/or family over the past year due to the ongoing pandemic by giving away care packages. Last year, SNGRDC purchased 4 iPads and covers for the Iroquois Lodge and 4 iPads and covers Ganohkwasra Shelter Program giving means for people to stay connected with family and friends during isolation and lockdown.

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Winter Care
CC Water Icon 1

Water Access Program

Date: August 2021
Location: Six Nations Community

As part of the COVID-19 Covid Support Program, SNGRDC will be helping to off-set costs incurred by the Six Nations of the Grand River Elected Council to ensure the community has access to clean and reliable water source.

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CC Water Info


SNGRDC would like to thank our Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 Collaborators for making a meaningful and lasting difference in our Community.