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Over the next year, the Community Plan Team (CP Team) will be moving through the 7 Community Plan Priorities and seeking feedback through various engagement activities.  From these community engagement events, the CP Team will be sharing what they heard in these discussions and welcoming continuous feedback as they work towards a complete Community Plan Update in the Spring of 2019.

Mother Earth

In this priority we discussed land, the environment, and how we can enhance our relationship to mother earth.


In this priority, we discussed safety, governance, engagement and communication, and public facilities.

Arts & Culture

In this priority we discussed ways the Haudenosaunee Six Nations identity can be protected, enhanced and sustained for future generations through culture, language and arts.


In this priority we heard well-being can be enhanced in the community, and the interconnected ways that other community plan priorities contribute to the ultimate goal of well-being.

Employment & Education

In this priority, we heard about the vision that the community has for a holistic approach to education and for strong and diverse employment opportunities in the future.

Economic Development

In this priority, we heard about the community vision for a strong local economy and responsible business so we can sustain ourselves and support a flourishing community.

Built Environment

In this priority, we heard about the role that the physical, human-made parts of a community (such as housing, infrastructure, transportation and public facilities) play in sustaining community well-being.