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Mandate: To provide oversight of SNGRDC’s Board of Directors and Economic Development Trust. This includes ensuring each entity is acting in a socially responsible manner which preserves Six Nations’ cultural integrity and operates in line with the values and long-term plan of the community.

  • Meet annually with the SNGRDC’s Board of Directors and Economic Development Trust to review their annual reports which will include audited financial statements
  • Make regular reports to the SNGRDC Shareholder
  • Determine annual revenue distribution (how much will be transferred to the Economic Development Trust for community distribution and how much will be used by the Board of Directors to be reinvested into future projects)
  • Regular quarterly meetings or more frequently if required
  • Receive and review annual written report from the Board of Directors and Economic Development Trust


Six Nations Community Plan

ToR Communications Committee

Guiding Principles



Term Expiring 2020 (Advisory Committee Chair)

Nichole Martin is a Mohawk Nation, Bear Clan from Six Nations of the Grand River Territory.  She is a strong advocate for education and lifelong learning and brings a multi-disciplinary educational background to the position.  She holds a Business diploma from Mohawk College, undergraduate degrees in Business Administration, and Adult Education, a graduate Diploma in Management, a Masters Degree in Business Administration and is currently working towards a Masters degree in Communications Management.  She also holds numerous fire service certifications including Instructor and Chief Officer.

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Nichole has held positions in Management, Education, Finance, and Emergency Services.  In addition to her role on the advisory committee, she is a volunteer firefighter with the Six Nations Fire Department, and a member of the Six Nations Food Bank board. Nichole hopes to draw on her experience to help advance the corporation, while providing oversight that is accountable, and transparent to the community.


Term Expiring 2021

Hilary is Cayuga, Wolf Clan from Six Nations. She is happily married to Scott Visheau and is a proud mother of 3 boys aged 5, 8 and 14. Hilary focuses her time and life around her family. Everything she does, she does with them in mind. This is why helping the Six Nations Community prosper economically is so important to her and why she volunteered to sit on the Advisory Committee. Hilary wants her sons to take pride in their community and, with any luck, be able to find valuable employment opportunities close to home and close to their mom.

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Hilary has an undergraduate degree in Sociology from McMaster University and a Law degree from the University of British Columbia where she focused her studies on Aboriginal law and criminal law. Upon graduation, Hilary clerked at the Federal Court of Appeal under Justice Karen Sharlow. After completing her articling and being called to the Bar, Hilary was employed in private practice in the areas of criminal and family law. In 2004, she left the practice and began working for the Department of Justice where she continues to practice Real Estate and Commercial Law.


Term Expiring 2021

Reva Bomberry is from the Turtle Clan, Mohawk Nation. She is married and has two sons and a daughter. Reva has worked in the community for 35 years in the area of education and social services. She contributed to the overall growth of the social services program for over 20 years and has spent the last 15 years in the educational setting as a teacher and administrator. Reva has an undergraduate degree from the University of Waterloo, a Bachelor of Education Degree from Brock University, and a Masters of Education Degree from Niagara University. She is currently the Principal of IL Thomas Elementary School.

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Reva volunteers her time and efforts on the Board of Directors of Ganohkwasra Family Assault Support Services, she is also a volunteer for the Ride To Conquer Cancer. Reva has been employed in management positions for approximately 25 years. Reva’s interest and desire to foster a healthy community inspired her to apply for membership to the Advisory Committee Board. She feels that with a clearly defined plan and appropriate resources, community wellness can occur with effective leadership.


Term Expiring 2020

 Stephanie believes that everyone carries greatness within and she enjoys motivating people by calling forth that greatness. Stephanie Styres-Dery was born and raised in the beautiful Six Nations of the Grand River Territory.  She is presently raising her 16-year-old nephew Brandon Maker (Styres), who is currently completing his grade 12 diploma. Stephanie, Mohawk turtle clan, is the President/CEO of Market Place Solution Inc. A First Nations consulting firm that specializes in Community Revitalization, Business Coaching and Corporate Social Responsibility Planning. As previous owner and Director of the Roofing Specialists Inc., Stephanie successfully led The Roofing Specialists Inc. to over 1.5 million dollars in revenue within the first three years of business.

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Stephanie has over 10 years of experience working with Six Nations Community in employment and training, program evaluation, and strategic planning. Stephanie has also worked for a number of government funding providers such as Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, Ontario Library Association-Community Access Program, Indigenous Affairs and Northern Development Canada and Human Resource Development Canada. She has vacationed in and provided services to over 30 countries.

Stephanie recently completed her Masters in Public Administration & Governance at Queens University and is currently working towards completing a PHD in Public Administration and Governance at Ryerson University. She is focused on the return on investment for today’s community members as well as future generations to come.